The Black Tux Rental review and photoshoot.

Review of online suit and tux rental. I was excited to learn about The Black Tux site and service. We all know your traditional local tux rental places but there has been movement with lots of online companies.  So then the wheels started turning. Because I needed some updated photos too I decided maybe…

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  • Columbus Ohio Engagement Photographer

    Columbus Ohio Engagement Photographer

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    Westerville engagement session

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    Newark Ohio Engagement Session

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  • Engagement Photos Columbus Ohio

    Engagement Photos Columbus Ohio

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Wedding Photography The Bluestone

Megan and Shawn – The Bluestone

Megan and Shawn – The Bluestone The Bluestone is such a unique wedding venue in Columbus. It truly has an eclectic range of areas to photograph during the day. I was excited when I met with Megan and Shawn and they said The Bluestone was their wedding venue. Overall the wedding day was perfect! We…

  • Bride hair and make-up Aveda Salon Therapy


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  • columbus photographers flowergirl at Aveda Salon Therapy


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Brian and Catherine Creekside Event Center Gahanna

Brian and Catherine Creekside Event Center Gahanna I look forward to every wedding day and look at the day as its own unique challenge. That being said I was looking forward to this wedding since the day they called. Brian is the last in a family of 3 in which I have photographed the wedding…

Columbus Ohio Photographers Albums

Shipment just arrived!

2 new wedding albums just arrived!! Love getting my packages from GraphiStudio! It means more wedding albums have arrived. If you have not checked out GraphiStudios, check out my album page for more information. This order featured Bridget and Kyle with the original wedding album. This one is very popular because of the photo cover…

Wedding day photography ideas

Karen and Nick

Karen and Nick – Wedding day Photography – WatersEdge Event Center   This was such a great wedding and a great couple. Karen and Nick were so much fun from the first time I met them. They were so cute with their Indiana University hats. So once their wedding day came I knew it was…

Tips on making your cocktail hour better.

Tips on making your cocktail hour better. Many times my second photographers enjoy cocktail hour more than I do. This is generally the time I am with a couple getting the great portraits of them out on location or around the country club. But this is a key time for many guests and family. It…

Curtis Wallis Photographer

Tips on putting together your wedding day timeline

So as a photographer I like to help out with your timeline if I can. Now I will say not every wedding is the same and not every day goes perfect. My usual idea is to allow a little padding in the time to then not fall behind by ceremony or reception time. So the…