Curtis Wallis is the owner and lead photographer of Curtis Wallis Photography. Curtis grew up in the Columbus Ohio area but worked for several companies around the country. He came back in 2003 to open his Wedding and Commercial photography business.

bridal portraits

Top Reasons to Have Bridal Portraits Captured

Bridal portraits are the perfect way to capture each detail of your ensemble. You have chosen the most beautiful wedding dress, a lovely veil, stunning jewelry, and comprised a gorgeous bouquet. Therefore, you should certainly provide all of these elements with recognition throughout your wedding photo collection. Tips for Choosing an Engagement Photoshoot Location Are…

Shelby and Aaron on thier wedding day in Gahanna Ohio

Shelby and Aaron – La Navona

So many benefits to being a wedding photographer and one of my favorite is getting to travel a bit. For the engagement session, Shelby and Aaron asked if I would meet them down at Ohio University and I jumped at the chance. They showed me around and after spending some time with them I was…