Top 10 questions I get asked during a consultation.

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UPDATED 3/15/2024
When I meet with a couple interested in hiring a photographer I try to give out as much information as I can. There are many questions I get or at least include the answer in my information. So I thought it would be helpful to highlight the top 10 questions I get asked. Hope these can help with some questions about me or maybe what questions you should ask when hiring a photographer for your wedding day.


1 – How many photographers are in your packages?

I offer both single and multiple photographers in my collections. During a consultation, I talk to couples about the schedule, guest count, and budget. All of these factors have to be considered when deciding if a couple needs 1 or multiple photographers.



2. What do you wear to a wedding?

I get this question more than you think. I always wear dress pants and a button-up shirt for most weddings. Summer weddings can get very hot so I tend not to wear a tie unless it is a very formal wedding. For shoes, I do wear black comfortable shoes. Wedding days can be long and I have been known to walk over 15,000 steps. You will not see me in shorts or khakis I feel most of my clients are going for a little more dressed up look from vendors and guests. If you want to find out more about me click here.



3. What is your deposit to hold the date?

I ask for a 20% deposit to hold a date. That deposit is due when you sign the contract.



4. Do I get a copyright with my images?

Yes, you will have a “for print copyright”. This will allow you to print any images if needed. I find most of my couples come to me for personal above the mantle type prints. They then will print their own 8×10 Christmas gift prints themselves.



5. Can I order an album later?

I have no problem adding an album later. You will lose a little discount that is in some collections. Also, I do offer a great 2 album parents album that many couples add after the wedding. Read more about my albums here.



6. We already had an engagement session can we take that out of our package.

Taking this session out does not save any money because it is a free add-on. The main reason I like to do this session even if you already had your engagement photography, this gives us a chance to get to know each other. I find this couples session is what really makes the wedding day images become so much more natural. My hope is at the same time you will start to feel comfortable with me and my photography. I have never had a couple cancel after doing a portrait session but I have done many sessions after someone was unhappy with another photographer’s previous session.



7. Do you have any recommendations for other wedding vendors?

There are several vendors around town I love to work with. I am happy to give you a couple ideas during our meeting. As well, if you look at my blog posts from previous weddings I generally will add in some information about the vendors.



8. Do you require a meal?

Keep in mind I am with a couple early in the morning to late in the evening. We try to bring some food we can eat quickly during the day but I do ask a dinner for my all day packages. Adding myself and any additional staff into your count is really the best way. This way we can eat at the same time you and the guests do, then finish up to make the rounds with the couple. Some reception venues offer a vendor meal you can purchase in your catering plan. I find these tend to be a bit overpriced and turn out to be a wrapped sandwich, apple and chips.



9. Do you bring an assistant to the wedding?

I make the call based on your wedding package. Most of the time I do just to help with gear or many times this will be a photographer in training to be a second shooter. Sometimes having more people around can be a bit overwhelming to a couple. So many times I start the day by myself then have my assistant show up later when needed.



10. Do you bring backup gear to the wedding?

YES!! Gear breaks. I would never be comfortable with just having one of something. I carry 2 bodies that are both professional grade gear. I even carry multiple digital cards so your wedding is not being shot to just one card. Then the cards are carried on my belt, this way if any gear is stolen your wedding is not lost. It would take a lot to get the cards from me lol I hold a first-degree black belt that would make it a bad day for someone who tries.



11. BONUS!! What happens if I cant make a wedding or get injured on the wedding day?

In my contract is a clause that lets any couple get a full refund if I can’t make a wedding. I would also call my seconds and other photographers to see if someone is open to take over the day. This has never happened to me but is in the contract to cover a couples investment.