How to find the Best Engagement Photographers

Booking Your Dream Shoot: Hiring an Engagement Photographer in Columbus Ohio for your Special Day.

Hey there! I’m Curtis Wallis – a professional engagement photographer who has worked with hundreds of couples over my 30+ year career. With a degree in photography and experience shooting around the world, I’ve honed my craft to capture those perfect romantic moments. 

As your photographer, I’ll be there to guide you each step of the way – from defining your ideal style to scouting locations to ensuring you feel comfortable in front of the camera. My goal is simple: create stunning engagement photos you’ll cherish forever.  

Now, let’s dive into the process of finding that perfect engagement photographer for your special moment. With some insider tips and the right questions to ask, booking your dream engagement shoot is totally doable!


Know What You Want: Defining Your Ideal Engagement Photographer Style 

Over the years, I’ve shot engagements in all kinds of styles – bright and airy, moody and mysterious, fun and playful – you name it! As your photographer, I’m ready to take on any aesthetic you envision. But first, how do you decide what vibe truly reflects your love story?

As you scroll through photographer portfolios, tune out the technical terms and simply pay attention to how certain images make you feel. Do breezy, golden-hour shots bring out that giddy excitement? Or perhaps cinematic styling with lens flares feels right? Your intuition is the best compass, so don’t overthink it! 

Once you spot those photos that give you butterflies, drop the photog a message! Ask detailed questions about how they achieve certain looks in camera vs editing. As your photographer, I’m always 100% transparent about my process for bringing your aesthetic vision to life.


Do Your Research: Where to Look for Top Engagement Photographers.

With your ideal style in mind, let the photographer hunt commence! 

The first stop is always Instagram. Use relevant hashtags galore to uncover photographers you vibe with, beyond those just in your local area. Engagement photogs like myself eagerly fill our feeds with our most heart-bursting work – take advantage! 

Next, whip out that Google machine. Search ‘engagement photographers near me’ and dive into online portfolios that catch your eye. Cross-reference with reviews to narrow options. 

And don’t miss polling friends for first-hand referrals! Those newlywed BFF’s have plenty of wisdom. Listen for photographers who made them feel comfortable and brought out their best on camera. 


Compare Experience Levels: Ensuring You Get a Seasoned Pro

You’ve found photographers with work you adore – awesome! Now we dig deeper. As an experienced pro myself, I insist that couples vet experience thoroughly before booking. You want someone unfazed by any curveballs on your big day.  

Look for proof they can shoot flawlessly regardless of lighting conditions. Do they highlight sessions at all times of the day? Can they work magic both indoors and out? As a degree-holding photographer who has shot around the world for 30+ years, I’ve got this covered from all angles!

Also, ensure they suggest locations personalized to you as a couple. I invest time in getting to know my client’s taste and style intimately. This allows me to scout backdrops that will take your breath away! 

Most of all, your comfort in front of the camera is key. Examine how couples glow across their range of work – visible romantic chemistry is a sign of a seasoned pro!


What Does an Engagement Photographer Cost?  

Once wowed by a seasoned professional’s work, cost often comes up next when booking your dream photographer. Prices vary in the industry, but know that your images will likely outlive any special occasion you celebrate – they’re invaluable! 

Also, rest assured that most photographers (including myself!) bake your engagement session right into core wedding collection pricing. Pre-wedding shoots grant us creative freedom to explore locations special to you while establishing real rapport. This leads to even MORE priceless candid moments on your big day!

Bottom line – when weighing cost, consider it an investment towards lasting memories. And with my 30 years of cultivating romantic portraits, I guarantee an engagement experience you’ll treasure forever!


Let’s Work Together!

So don’t settle for less than your dream engagement photographer – you got this! Reach out anytime to get my take on finding the perfect match. This shoot kicks off the rest of your lives together – let’s work together to make it truly unforgettable! 

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