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Curtis Wallis

Photography has been a part of my life since I was 10. It was a way for a shy kid to be more outgoing and meet new people. I started photographing horses on our farm outside of Columbus, Ohio. This passion carried over as I still photograph horses and great events like The New Albany Classic.

The best thing horses brought me was my wife and family. I met my wife while we both were assistant horse trainers at the same stables. We married 11 years ago and have a great son, age 9. When I am not photographing, we are going to swim meets, martial arts or just having our famous movie nights.

I love to photograph everything which is why I do commercial and wedding photography.  The commercial photography gives me totally different challenges. I might be shooting fashion one week, horses the next and food the next.

However, I am passionate about being a wedding photographer

Weddings are so much fun for me. I love meeting new people and I have met so many couples that I still call friends. I work hard to make your wedding day special. I keep a calm stress-free approach and help you stay on schedule but I am not a task master. LOL. Wedding photography is about emotion and great light. It’s what takes a basic photo and makes it special and that is what your wedding day is, special.

Curtis Wallis - Wedding Photographer
Columbus Ohio Photographer

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