It’s Your Day and Your Dream!
Professional and Stylish Photography will Capture it for a Lifetime.

Professional Wedding Photographer

Your photographer is an important part of your day. I have been a professional photographer for 20 years. I understand it is my job to tell your story of the most important day of your life so far. I have developed a style of the perfect mix of emotional candids, beautiful portraits and clean details that together tell the story of your picture perfect day.


The One Other Professionals Choose

I have been honored to be apart of so many weddings for others in the wedding industry.  I can’t remember the number of couples I sit down with who are photographers and stress how important their photography is. So I am always grateful when they choose me to be part of such a special day.

Capturing the Story of Your Wedding Day

Premier Photography Packages

When you have spent a lifetime choosing all the details for your wedding. You found the perfect county club or landed an open date at the popular location. You know you need the perfect wedding photographer to capture the story and details of the day. I offer a premier photography packages to fit your day. Most include all day photography coverage because your wedding is all day not just 6 hours. Images edited down to the perfect ones and edited and gone over 4 or more times. Of course to show off your day I offer one of the finest Italian made photographer wedding albums designed to fit your wedding day style.


Most of my couples end up with all day photography packages with an album.

Open Wedding Dates

To maintain a higher quality of wedding images I only select a limited number of couples.  I generally book a year in advace  so please visit our packages page to see if your date is available.



Thank You 2015 Clients!

Due to overwhelming popularity our 2015 booked up early this season and is now full.

Looking for a Photographer for 2016?

We still have openings but are taking contracts first come gets the date. We do not place holds but will let you know if there are other couples interested in your wedding date. Please visit our packages page to see if your date is available.

Photography Style

I am always reaching to be a better photographer.

Anyone can take a picture, but I don’t just want your photos to be just any picture. I have spent years developing a style that showcases how beautiful every wedding is. I am always working to perfect  techniques in lighting and posing while streamlining the best workflow. All to give you the best photography of your perfect day.


I believe in capturing the day not overtaking the day.

Working with you we can create a timeline to get all the photos you want done at the same time not having it feel like you spent the whole day doing it. Its your wedding day you need to enjoy it too. I have a way of working through the photos to get them done fast and not stress you out doing it. I also tend to stand back  and capture the moments as they happen. I also tend to not over stage things, I like the real emotions and personalities to come out. But I promise I will jump in to make you look your best.



Top Wedding Photographers

Whitney and Chris

Columbus Based Wedding Photographer Curtis Wallis – When building a wedding album for my couples I give them a choice to pick images or let me. Funny enough Whitney emailed me and was having trouble narrowing down the picks. Well Whitney I am having the same problem. There are so many images that I just had to have in this post. Whitney and Chris did such a great job of giving me so many great details to photograph. The interesting thing is as you look through the wedding photos you will see the weather was not the best, but we still came up with some photoshoot areas. We had a few rush photography mini sessions but we got it done and stayed mostly dry.


Photography from Kenyon Collage

Wedding Photography Personalized for Each Couple

My favorite thing about being a photographer an working with so many great couples and how each couple really personalizes their day. Tradition is all about what you make it. Its about 2 family’s blending together to become one. Take the time to have your personalities become part of your wedding day photography. When I…

Associate Wedding Photographer

Associate Photographer Program

We turn away as many brides and grooms as we book. To help these couples we are looking to develop our associate photographers program. We are looking for any skill level of wedding photographers from some basic assistants to someone who has done a few weddings on their own. These associates will work as second photographers when needed or would be available for photography on days I might be booked. The program will also be an option for a couple needing a lower budget.

If you are interested please email me at