finding a wedding photographer

Wedding Photography is about capturing day one of the rest of your lives.


I became a wedding photographer to tell the story of a special day. So the first question I ask all my couples is tell me more about who you are as a couple and tell me the style of your wedding day. I love natural photographs. I believe a photo should capture who you are as a couple and to do that I need to know more about you. Capturing your personalities helps tell the story of who you are, not who I think you should be in the image.


Why ask about your wedding style? Because I want to make sure my style of wedding photography fits the style you want for your wedding. It’s your wedding day and you deserve a perfect fit.

What you need to know about booking me for your wedding photography.

1. One Photographer or Two

Depending on your guest count, timeline and budget we can look at if you need one photographer or two for the day. For smaller weddings, like under 150 guests, we can look at your timeline and one photographer might work great. Once we decide then option 2.

2. Choose your hours needed.

I start at an 8 hour package. One photographer will be $2400 and two photographers is $2800. So just pick the hours you need and we will add it on. Most of my couples love the wedding story and hire me for the full day and that varies from 10 to 14 hours.

3. Decide if you would like an album.

For albums I have one fee and you pick either album and we just add it in. My wedding albums are nothing but the best from Italy. So I have a Classic Leather Album and my European Style Album style album. Both are covered with fabric or leather. They include 30 photo paper pages designed in house and put online for you to approve. I want you to have an album to show off so the quality is pretty high. I don’t want you to spend money on a wedding photographer and have an album that looks like an online chain store.