finding a wedding photographer

A Wedding Photographer Captures the Way You Feel When You Say I Do.

I became a wedding photographer to tell the story of a special day. So the first question I ask all my couples is tell me more about who you are as a couple and tell me the style of your wedding day. I love natural photographs. I believe a photo should capture who you are as a couple and to do that I need to know more about you. Capturing your personalities helps tell the story of who you are, not who I think you should be in the image. I combine that with a mix of elegant portraits and special details that complete the story of your day.

3 areas to ask about when hiring a wedding photographer.

There are 3 areas I tell every couple to consider when looking at photographers for their wedding day.

  • Style
  • Price
  • Personality

1. Photo Style

First thing I ask about is your wedding style just as you should ask about mine. Why ask about your wedding style? Because I want to make sure my style of wedding photography fits the style you want for your wedding. It’s your wedding day and you deserve a perfect fit. So make sure the style a photographer shoots fits exatly what your are looking for.

The worst thing you can do is hire a photographer that fits your budget first and ask them to shoot a different style.

What is my style of photography?

I prefer a more natural elegant look with very little “instagramy” filters. I love black and white images so you will always get a mix of color and black and white in your final images. I love capturing all those luxury details from the dress to the perfume.  To see more of my style take a look at these featured couples.

2. What is your photo budget

Your wedding photography budget is an important factor. For me I am known for all day packages because I love telling the story of a day from hair and make-up to the evening festivities. So I start at an 8 hour package and just add on the hours you need.

Let’s face it, weddings rarely last just 8 hours so most of my couples end up at a 10 to 12 hour package.

Here is a little more about my pricing.

3. Personality of the Photographer(s)

The personality of your wedding photographer plays a key role. Your photographer is with you all day you want to feel comfortable with them.

It’s your wedding day not mine.

I tend to stay in the background as much as I can. I take a low key approch because I want you and your friends to act the way you do each and every day.  My goal is to take the stress off of you so you can enjoy the day. Being a photographer for your wedding is a true honor and I feel I should act professstional in every way.