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Getting the Most from your Wedding Photography – Updated 2016

So I am revisiting some old posts. This was one from 2009 I thought could use a refreshing. Getting the most from your wedding photography – Updated 2016 Wedding photography can be one of the largest expenses of your wedding plans. As any purchase a buyer wants to get the most for their money.  There…

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Lessons for new photographers – How to keep from getting burned out shooting weddings.

How to keep from getting burned out as a wedding photographer. So its June and things have already started going heavy for wedding season. While I try to only photograph about 20 weddings a year I know there are many that do less and many that do allot more. So regardless how many weddings you…

Teanna and Kurt – Gahanna Ohio

I loved the whole idea and style to this wedding day. When I first met with Teanna and Kurt and they described the small vintage inspired wedding I was hooked and wanted to photograph this wedding.. Getting the chance to just have a small group with an outdoor ceremony sounded perfect to me. What really…

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10 Wedding Trends of 2016

Top Wedding trends for 2016 from a wedding photographer As a wedding photographer I see lots of great ideas for a wedding day. I am a firm believer in the details of a wedding. It helps my wedding photography so much to have elements to help tell the story. While I am not an expert…

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Best Wedding Photo of 2015

Best Wedding Photo from 2015 Before the 2016 wedding season kicks off I was taking a look back at some of my 2015 wedding photography. I decided this year would be great to pick one of my favorites. Not so easy at all!!! There were so many photos that is running through my head what…

5 reasons you should look for the best Columbus wedding photographers

5 reasons you should look for the best Columbus wedding photographers So it’s time to plan your wedding photography and  I believe you should start with finding the best wedding photographers. So you ask why? Notice I did not say hire. Start looking at the best and build your version of the best. Your goal…

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Whitney and Chris

Columbus Based Wedding Photographer Curtis Wallis – When building a wedding album for my couples I give them a choice to pick images or let me. Funny enough Whitney emailed me and was having trouble narrowing down the picks. Well Whitney I am having the same problem. There are so many images that I just had to have in this post. Whitney and Chris did such a great job of giving me so many great details to photograph. The interesting thing is as you look through the wedding photos you will see the weather was not the best, but we still came up with some photoshoot areas. We had a few rush photography mini sessions but we got it done and stayed mostly dry.