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Welcome Bexley Ohio Wedding Couples!


I am Curtis Wallis, Ohio based Wedding photographer. I am head photographer and owner of the Wedding Gallery. Here you will find why I love weddings and some other things I love like brownies. What I believe in is telling the true story of your day 1. That is the first day as a couple and the first day of the rest of your lives. My wedding photography is about capturing who you are as a couple and not about who I think you should be. It is about the looks and smiles your give each other and not about what pose your should do next. My work is authentic, natural and elegant. I only photograph 15 – 20 weddings each year and hold those for the perfect couples.

If this is how you want your story told well, welcome and lets looks around.

What is the Wedding Gallery?


Wedding photography is about the story of the day and style it is shown. The Wedding Galley is the package of my work. I love elegance and class. I love details that are full of meaning and candids full of emotions.  I believe your day 1 images and experience should be worthy of a galley, a Wedding Gallery. Our collections include the finest Italian albums designed by professionals and options that fit your wedding day.  Click here to learn more about our collections.

What I offer as your Bexley Ohio wedding photographer?


It’s simple. I offer you a professional wedding gallery experience. I have photographed over 200 couples across North America and have over 25 years of experience. My experience is why other studios have sought me out for their training and I train other young photographers in the art of wedding photography.  Many of my couples have been other wedding photographers and planners.  I believe in love and weddings. I believe in natural emotional images. Read more about what I believe in here.