Why I ch0ose to be a wedding photographer

I believe love is shown by laughter, tears and emotional moments. Moments that are felt through a kiss or a simple embrace. When I first met Carly and Brad I knew this wedding would be special. They were your typical Barbie and Ken love story on their way to building a love filled life together. Even their engagement photos were kissed with a perfect golden sunset that embraced every hallmark or lifetime Sunday movie romance. What I did not know is how emotional their story would unfold. Sometimes a missing love is a subtle frame on a table and sometimes it is a get the kleenex kinda moment.

A professtional can capture emotions not just images.

The wedding day morning had its clinking glasses, cheers to the bride photos and some soft heartfelt minutes. I captured Carly and Brad filling in finishing touches on love notes to each other. The day was filled with love and laughter with some soft missing piece of the puzzle undertones.

Later the sun was shining warmly on the garden ceremony. As the music started I turned to look at Brad as he watched Carly being walked down the aisle. Brad knowing how special this minute in time was, held his hand over his face as if to try to hold back his tears. Carly looked at Brad with a little smirk and clinched tightly onto the arms of her brothers walking her down the aisle. A puzzle with one missing piece, sparkling Christmas lights with one light flickering out or a bride walking without a father who had passed too early.

A father whose presence could be seen in many tokens and laughs through the entire day. He stood watch from that picture frame positioned over the fireplace that was blanketing the room filled with guests here to support the new husband and wife.

A watch that witnessed one brothers speech as Carly walked so softly towards the empty dance floor. This is definitely not a frames on a table moment but one of a new family being created. A mix of tears and joy could be felt around that room. You see the dance floor was no longer empty, It was filled with family to stand up to fill in for a missing father. An uncle who misses his brother but knows what he must do. The song being played was crisp and clean with only a rain shower of tears to be heard. A new partner approached, Carly was now dancing and was held tight by a new father in law in her life. He smiled as if to say I will be here for you as any father would. With a tap on the shoulder Carly’s older brother embraced her with love, his hand holding tight on the back of her head. As Carly danced by I refocused my lens to the crowd behind the floor. At this point I see the groom holding tight on a mother and a father. Brads face was showing how special and emotional this moment was. His Mom and Dad were holding him tight and cherishing him as only a parent can. At this point that photo above the mantle moment had even overwhelmed me.  At last her other brother walked to the dance floor. You could tell he was the guy who could make Carly cry and the next minute make her laugh. The moment was turned to a celebration for Carly. A celebration to remember a father and create a special once in a lifetime memory of that little daddy’s girl dancing with her new love. A celebration of how family comes together to support each other. Even a new family only hours old.

I believe in love laughter and tears. I believe in once in a lifetime moments captured and cherished for a lifetime. This is why I cherish every wedding day and the story I tell.