I believe love is laughter, tears and emotional moments.
I believe a wedding is the start of a journey with many turns, but will guide you to a lifetime of happiness.
I believe in photos that are natural and emotional that tell the story of a wedding day.
I believe wedding photography is a spontaneous walk on the beach lit by soft colors of a sunset.
I believe wedding memories are not a moment on a screen by an heirloom to be cherished for years to come.
I believe in images that are crafted with light showcasing a bride just as she imagined.
I believe weddings bring generations together and these moments are to be cherished as if they were the last.
I believe a photograph can evoke emotion that will take you back in time from a moment long passed.
I believe in the way a black and white photograph can reach out and pull your heart in.
I believe photography is still an art from an artisan who has spent years developing the craft.
I believe in letting a wedding day develop to create your own unique story and not rewriting the script to mold to a photographer’s vision.
I believe in family and love as the foundation of a lifetime of happiness.
I believe wedding photography is creating timeless art and not about just pushing a shutter.
I believe it is a honor to tell a once in a lifetime story.
I believe in laughter being a way to seeing the real soul of a person.


I believe in the art of wedding photography

Love, Laughter and Elegance