A look at a Curtis Wallis Photography Bride and Groom

The Bride

  • She is family originated
  • She loves photography
  • She is a romantic at heart
  • She is a world traveler but loves home
  • She feels candid images are the best
  • She believes in photos that are natural and stylish
  • She beautifully classic
  • She is elegant
  • She feels a perfect wedding day is not planned it just happens
  • She is laid back but but plans well

The Groom

  • He knows exactly what GQ is
  • He loves photography
  • He is thinks photography is an important part of the day
  • He is a little emotional for the wedding, but just a little
  • He is a Saturday afternoon beer drinker but likes a whiskey on the rocks by night
  • He knows what the full windsor knot is.
  • He is kind and thoughtful and will help a friend at any hour, just call
  • He is professional in everything he does
  • He has style and class
  • He is excited for spending time with friends and family at the reception