Why I love wedding photography!


I am always amazed at the emotions that are played out during a wedding day. There is never a smile bigger than a groom seeing the woman he loves walking down the aisle. Or the tears shed by bridesmaids when their best friend turns to show off her dress for the first time.  There are so many details played out by many to pull off a wedding.  A couple chooses a wedding date, and then arranges the ceremony. Next the reception place must be determined and the menu thought out. For many wedding photography might be last on the list.

As you picture your life and you celebrate each wedding anniversary what about all the details.  How about seeing your friends fighting to catch the bouquet. Your little niece placing her dollar in the basket to dance with your husband, and your husband twirling her around like she was the bride.

About us

Curtis Wallis Photography has been involved in weddings from California to the Columbus Ohio area. Wedding photography can be discussed in a personal consultation. Limited dates are available for 2016 and 2017. Please call 614-581-4005 to discuss your Columbus Ohio wedding or your destination wedding.